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The 'songs' of stars can now be made visible by imprinting their oscillations onto the surface of pure water, thus transcribing sonic periodicities to water wavelet periodicities.



The sounds of sea creatures made visible with the CymaScope Pro. 




The sounds of living cells, the human heart, plant sounds and many other metabolic processes associated with living organisms can now be made visible.


  Ornithology The songs and calls of birds of all species can now be made visible and available for study. The beautiful geometries they contain reflect the beauty of bird song.  



The sounds of a snail eating carrot, made visible with the CymaScope Pro. Other snail sound videos will be added in future.

The nuances of human speech can be studied with a CymaScope Pro. Words and phrases can be rendered visible and compared in different languages.
    Microscopic - Cymascope :

It is now possible to image sound in the microscopic realm using Cymascopic principles.

    Physics: The CymaScope is a new type of physics instrument that uses fluidic-mechanical principles to make sound and vibration visible, allowing many physical properties of matter to be studied and modelled.  
    MusicMadeVisible :


A new genre of entertainment and study in which music is used to entertain or for Musicology study and education.

Zoology is the branch of biology that focuses on the structure, function, behaviour and evolution of animals. The CymaScope makes it possible to study animal sounds in a new and potentially fruitful way.