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Dolphin Vowel Experiment

Animal communication has been studied for decades although reliably identifying animal sounds has proven to be extraordinarily difficult.  Holding a 'conversation' with another species remains a dream for zoologists and but recent research in the field of dolphin communication, using the CymaScope, is beginning to show promise. The CymaScope can simplify the complex sounds a dolphin makes into "picture words" that we call CymaGlyphs, each picture representing a dolphin's word for a given object. Dolphins have regular eyes but they also "see with sound''. By creating a lexicon of dolphin CymaGlyphs, it might eventually be possible to hold a rudimentary conversation in which a computer converts a human word into a dolphin word and the dolphin's reply is then converted into human word's an exciting prospect. are working in collaboration with Florida-based Speak in a bid to catalogue the first reliable dolphin picture words.







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