Voice Mandala Double

For couples.

Each voice is imaged separately and then joined together for a visual expression of love.


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A unique work of art from two voice recordings, allowing you to visualize your voices as you say “I Love You” to each other. This is a unique work of art for couples, the visual expression of two hearts joined as one.

Each of your recordings will produce a moment of beautiful geometry which is then joined together. Each voice is unique and will show the delicate tracery of energy, arranged layer upon layer, frequency upon frequency. Individually your voice emits these frequencies when you speak or sing, bathing each of you with this sound template that is yours alone and one of a kind. Follow the simple instructions below to become the proud owner or giver of the love Voice Mandala-Double, symbolizing heartfelt union.

• 12 available color options.
• Each Voice Mandala comes as a digital file.
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• Money back guarantee.

How to order your Voice Mandala – Double
1. First read “Tips on making your Voice Mandala audio file” below.
2. Select your choice of color.
3. If you want your names added to your Voice Mandala, select your choice of Font.
4. Click “Add to Cart”
5. In the cart you will see your color and font selections and the order total.
6. After you have placed your order, click the online voice recorder button and record your voices as described below.

Voice Recorder

7. When you are satisfied with your recording, click the ‘send now button’ (which is part of the voice recorder).

Note: You can also email us a sound file in mp3 or WAV format, and we will guide you on the payment process.

Tips on making your Voice Mandala audio file
1. Choose a quiet environment to make your recording.

2. Please make sure that the recordings are free of all other sounds as that may interfere with the CymaScope imaging. For example if a truck passes your door or your doorbell rings, please start over.

3. Choose a comfortable position, either sitting straight or standing.

4. Record one person first, followed on the same recording with the second person.

5. Center yourself.

6. First person state your name and slowly and deliberately say or sing the words “I love you” into the microphone.  Say “I Love You” in several ways. Have fun! Joy is an integral part of love!

7. Leave the recorder running and immediately follow with the second recording. State your name and slowly and deliberately say or sing the words “I love you” into the microphone. (Please do not shout or the sound will be distorted.)

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