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  • The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound - PDF Download


    The human voice has the power to fill a concert hall without a microphone; the power to promote healing in ourselves and others; the power to transform thoughts and feelings into words and sounds to inspire others.

  • CymaPlate Kit


    Whether you are 9 or 90 our CymaPlate Kit is the perfect way to learn how sound creates form. A great gift for someone you love!

  • Clair de Lune - MusicMadeVisible DVD


    Music Made Visible Clair de Lune by Debussy beautifully played by Daniel Levy and rendered visible with the CymaScope. This device makes music visible by imprinting music’s vibrations onto the surface of pure water.

  • Love & Light Display - MusicMadeVisible


    Heart Sutra image embedded in a transparent gel and placed 
between two Plexiglas panels, allowing sunlight or incandescent light to illuminate your Love & Light Display. 4-3/4 x 6-3/8in.

  • The Curious Concert Pitch Conflict - available in English, Spanish, French & German - PDF Download


    An important new article on the history and conflict concerning concert pitch is now available in English, Spanish, French & German. Reviewers noted that it is "essential reading for all musicians” and “it should be required reading for anyone seeking a better understanding of music and its mysterious effect on human perception".

  • Sound Gives Birth to Light - PDF Download


    The special relationship between sound and light and how your songs might one day reach the stars.

  • CymaArt Pendant Necklace - MusicMadeVisible


    Heart Sutra cymatic image pendant in sterling silver on a silver chain.

  • CymaArt Glass Coasters


    Distinctly unique coasters with exclusive cymatic images.

  • Sound Made Visible


    Any sound that you send us can be visually captured to treasure forever. A recording from a musical instrument, the purr of a cat, a baby giggling, or whatever sound has a special meaning to you. You will receive a sound mandala created by your sound and unique to you.

  • Voice Mandala Double


    For couples.

    Each voice is imaged separately and then joined together for a visual expression of love.

  • Voice Mandala Single


    Your own voice imaged and made into a unique and beautiful piece of voice art.

  • The Eidophone Voice Figures - PDF Download


    Margaret Watts-Hughes' booklet describes how she created an amazing range of cymatic forms 125 years ago. This book is a testimony to her inventive and creative genius.

  • Egyptian Sonics - PDF Download


    Did the ancient Egyptians use sonic science? Egyptian Sonics is an acoustical and cymatics study of the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber that suggests the possibility of sonic rituals.

  • Conversations with Dolphins - PDF Download


    An in-depth look at important breakthroughs in deciphering dolphin language using the CymaScope to convert the dolphin's complex sounds into "picture words."

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