The Curious Concert Pitch Conflict
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An important new article on the history and conflict concerning concert pitch is now available in English and Spanish. (French and German editions will be available later in 2014.) Reviewers note “essential reading for all musicians” and “it should be required reading for anyone seeking a better understanding of music and its mysterious affect on human perception.”
Sections include: The Rise of Music in Ancient Times; Pythagoras to the Renaissance; Three Inventions that helped identify Musical Pitch; The Wild World of Musical Pitch (History section); The Birth of A = 432 Hertz and A = 444 Hertz; Notes on the alleged Nazi Conspiracy. Part 2 will be published late 2014 and will discuss more of the scientific perspective.
The Curious Concert Pitch Conflict

CymaScope Pro

The CymaScope Pro is an all-new model that combines clean good looks with great performance. It is the world’s first commercial instrument that can make sound visible across the ELF, MF and HF audio bands. Three water imaging modules are available: the Extremely Low Frequency module (illustrated) the Mid Frequency module, and the High Frequency module. Each discrete module has been optimized within its specific bandwidth of frequencies to deliver crisp clean imagery in which the periodicities in a given sound sample are transcribed to periodic wavelets on the surface and subsurface of water. An optional Peltier Effect module is available that chills the water to a desired temperature for some scientific applications.
The CymaScope Pro is intended primarily for applications in asteroseismology, musicology, phonology and zoology although it is possible to study many other fields with this instrument. Please contact us for a price quotation or to begin a discussion concerning your proposed application. Note: The CymaScope Pro model is not suitable for live music/ on-stage applications. It is not a ‘plug and play’ device; ancillary equipment will be needed to operate the CymaScope and training in its use is essential.

Other CymaScope devices coming soon: We currently have a child’s entry level CymaScope in development, intended as a scientific toy to help children learn about the creative power of their own voice and of sound in general.

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