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Early Proto Cymascope   Rocket Cymascope   Dodecadon CymaScope   Laboratory CymaScope App  

2002 - John Stuart Reid with the first prototype CymaScope, before going on tour-

2003 - The "Rocket" CymaScope with integral camera, created for an exhibit

2004 - The "Dodecadon" CymaScope created as a compact prototype

2004 - Experimental laboratory CymaScope with variable-height transducer

  Experimental Cymascope   Early Water Experiments  
Hexagonal Water Excitation
  Water Vortex Glitter  

2004 - First image from experimental laboratory CymaScope. Hexagonal vowel sound

Early experiments with excitation of water by voice coil motor (the Dodecadon CymaScope is in the background)

One of our first water images, showing hexagonal geometry and nodal formations--2005

2005 - Our first experimental water vortex image in a water-glitter suspension

Cymascope Geometry
Prototype Cymascope
ASR Cymascope
Cymascope Lab

The scientific CymaScope geometry with 'nose cone.'

The first working pre-production prototype

Brass CymaScope John & Annaliese Reid at our UK lab.--2006

John Stuart Reid making dolphin picture words visible, a collaboration with Jack Kassewitz, --2008



Dr Konuralp and his chromium CymaScope--2009. He was awarded the honor of 'scientist of the year' for his work on cardiac procedures and he hopes to employ the instrument as a diagnostic tool to identify heart problems at an early stage.

Chromium scientific CymaScope with demountable WaterDrive Module--2009

CymaScope Professional model with Peltier effect module, integral illumination and interchangeable imaging modules - 2015


Part of Channel 5's "Da Vinci Code,
The True Story was filmed in the CymaScope lab - 2015


Erik Larson presented the CymaScope at the NASA Yuri Gagarin event, Moffett Federal Airfield--2010

National Geographic crew, Tony & Dave filming the CymaScope in 2010