Rediscovering the Art & Science of Sound Healing

Article #003 SEP 2010

Art and Science

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CymaScope Landmark Paper: Dolphin Echolocation Discovery

Article #004 AUG 2017

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Cymatics - A Bridge to the Unseen World

Article #002 NOV 2010

This article was first published in Mindscape Magazine


John Stuart Reid is an English acoustics engineer, scientist and inventor. He has studied the world of sound for over 30 years and speaks extensively on his research findings to audiences throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Inventor of the CymaScope Pro, John's work is inspired by acoustic pioneers, Ernst Chladni, Mary D. Waller and Hans Jenny and has taken their findings to a new level. His primary interests lie in investigating sound as a formative force and discovering why sound heals.

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Art and Science

Rediscovering the Art & Science of Sound Healing






Dolphin Echolocation Discovery - Free PDF Download




Bridge to an unseen world

The Art and Science of visible sound

Cymatics App for Mobile

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See the actual geometry of music for the first time on iPad iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet! The CymaScope app is the world’s first app to make the geometry of piano sounds and music visible. The imagery you will see is not a computer simulation; all the beautiful imagery in the app was created on a physical CymaScope then stored in digital memory for you to enjoy.
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