Cymatics comes of age as an emergent science:

The Mereon Matrix

Elements of the Mereon Matrix made visible for the first time on the CymaScope instrument

In recent years, our research with the CymaScope has focused primarily on developing the CymaScope for use as a scientific instrument, to bring it to the point where it can accurately render and replicate sonic frequencies. Working to identify a range of applications for this new technology, we have achieved success in a number of areas. For example, in Oceanography we have made significant discoveries in dolphin language; and in Asteroseismology the CymaScope has made the sonic signatures of stars visible for the first time.

However, we have remained aware that the governing dynamics of cymatic phenomena must be formally described for it to be embraced by mainstream scientists. In 2012, we began working with the team of mathematicians and scientists who, after discovering what may be the energetic pattern that resides at the heart of Creation, have spent almost two decades investigating and researching its application in natural
and social science.

The anecdotal perspective of this discovery was first presented in the book ''The Pattern'' in 1997; the Pattern is now known as 'Mereon Trefoil Knot' that is 'tied' by the Mereon Matrix. In our first dialogue with the Principle Investigators of the Mereon Matrix, we were asked if it was possible that the CymaScope might render visible some of the key frequencies intuited to be related to this pattern. No one could have predicted just how successful the results of this cooperative effort would turn out. In August 2012, in a London hotel room we met to make the first experiments.

As we dialled one of the Mereon frequencies into the CymaScope, all watched expectantly to see if what one team member had predicted would appear. The excitement was high as it was acknowledged that if the CymaScope provided sufficient accuracy it would be a new day for Mereon and the emerging science of cymatics. The instrument's output showed what was predicted and exceeded everyone's anticipation.

In the months that followed, together with the Mereon team, we began intensive explorations in our UK laboratory. The first milestone was imaging a cymatically tied knot, a trefoil. In January 2015, using the prime frequency of the Matrix, the geometry and topology (knots) manifest became visible in pure water. The results of decades of work on the Mereon Matrix and its confirmation by CymaScopic experiments were published in 2015 by renowned scientific/academic publisher, Elsevier in a ground-breaking book entitled: "The Mereon Matrix; Unity, Perspective and Paradox".

All those interested in cymatics will benefit greatly from reading this book. It is an investment that is well worth the price, as this is the first book that
presents the Cymascope and a new perspective on cymatics. It is essential reading for all cymatists, and is a book you are sure to refer to many times.

By reading The Mereon Matrix you will learn the following about the CymaScope:

1. The thought process that led from early sand-based cymatics experiments and the building of a rudimentary CymaScope through to today's advanced water-based CymaScope, developed from an experimental apparatus in which the human ear was used as a model.

2. How the CymaScope's water membrane 'encodes' a given sound into a cymatic pattern and the parameters that affect the encoding.

3. Insights into the future of cymatics.

4. The CymaScope's role in imaging the Mereon Matrix, which scientists are suggesting is our link with the creative process at the heart of the Universe.

This book is a tour de force and contains much more about cymatics, the emergent science that creates what some consider to be 'sacred geometry'. It also shows how the Mereon Matrix is being applied to a large number of systems, physical, mathematical, educational, psychological and philosophical. Fully 1/3 of the book applies the Matrix to astrobiology and genetics, the origin of the universe and you; the implications are exciting and staggering.

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